At Robust IT Concepts, we nurture growth-driven mindsets and ‘disruptive’ thinking! We are a digital innovation and technology company, with a passion for finding creative and practical solutions to businesses, social organizations and communities around the globe.

We specialize in building web applications and business intelligence tools to empower our clients and help them make smart decisions.
We believe that technology plays a crucial role in uplifting people in all walks of lives. Our purpose is to create and enable innovative systems and intelligent tools within Education, Agriculture, Health, Business and Social sectors, such that these services and opportunities are affordable and easily accessible to all.



Our projects are created with passion, care and attention to detail. The result? You can count on us to propose the best combination of tech stacks to solve your business challenges.


We have build relationships with our client on trust and credibility.We make it a point to ensure that every client has maximum visibility into the project. For us, earning trust means taking full responsibility for what we deliver — until the job is done and beyond.


In the modern business landscape, product requirements can change rapid­ly. Faithful to our agile mindset, we are always ready to accommodate a changing scope, ramp up the team, or master a new tech if your vision calls for it.


A tight-knit, committed team is the centerpiece of any project. Working with us, you will never feel like you are managing a “vendor”. Our professionals make your objectives their own and cooperate seamlessly with your in-house crew to make them happen.


We build high quality E-commerce applications and Business Intelligence tool to empower our clients to stay ahead in the competition.


High quality web design

We build responsive websites for our clients which adapts fluidity; irrespective to the user's screen size giving an optimised and consistent viewing experience!!


Android app development

We deliver finely tailored android application that delivers excellent user exprience.


Tailored Ecommerce Applications.

Our E-commerce platform are customised to materaliz eyour imagination-right down to the tiniest detail!


Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

We are a team of researchers too. We are passionately researching on Machine Learning and AI and successfully integrating the knowledge on our products


Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Our customized BI Dashboards for E-commerce sites are armed to help you make informed decisions when it comes to planning, budgeting and forecasting processes


Third party integration

We integrate any applications as per your business needs; some of which are: Ebay, Temando, MyOB, DHL, Dropbox, Paypal, and Secure Pay.

We expertise on AI

Yes we are a team of researchers too. We are passionately researching on Machine Learning and AI and successfully integrating the knowledge on our products. We are thrilled in the journey of Machine Learning and assure you to provide best work.

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" We Excel At Thinking From User's Perspective Because We Firmly Believe A Product Is Meaningful Only When People Truly Love It. "






Growth Driven