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Create and share your forms



Use our form builder to create any kind of form simply by drag and drop.



Collect data to a central database from anywhere using the form created.



Visualize the data collected using range of analytical tools.



Create reports of any kind and send to team with a single click.


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Form Builder (Drag and Drop)

Creating for to collect information can be frustating and time consuming. Use our form builder to make forms and questionnarie quickly and easily. Build and Share anykind of form by simply dragging and dropping.

Users and Team Management

Rayoforms enables your team to colaborate and work in teams by sharing the platform and task. Work in team by inviting users and managing role based access to the application.

Work Offline (Mobile App)

Expand your reach to rural area where internet is not accessible. Use our mobile app to collect data offline. Sync the collected data to the server, analyse and generate reports as per demand.

Real-tile Data Visualization

Drag and drop to get insight by analysing and plotting data into various charts and maps. Grow your understanding of data by visualizing data in a pictoral view by plotting data in various charts and maps (Bar, Pie, Line, Heat Maps, etc.)


Analytics Dashboard

Build and share custome dashboards by dragging and dropping data visualization objects like charts and maps to give you realtime on-demand snapshot of your data at your fingertip.

Export Data

Rayoforms allows you to export data to universal format like xls that can be imported to any other system for further processing and sharing.

Report Builder (Drag and Drop)

Use Report builder to simply drag and drop element to create custome report. Boost effectiveness of report by adding charts and maps to your reports. Schedule report to be delivered as given time and intervals to ease your work load.

Email Notification

Keep updated by recieving email notification of any forms submission. Rayoform also enable realtime notification in and our of the application for events.

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